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12 Feb

By Sean Ragsdale

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Best of Baltimore Magazine

Biography of a Booming Business

Brad’s Fuel Filtering Business is Booming

It’s Brad Bettencourt’s reputation that has made his personal gamble pay off as well as it has. Over more than 30 years, he’d become an expert in an industry most people don’t even know exists. Then he started his own company on a bet he could do as well or better than the other firms he’d worked for. And he did it in part by leveraging his reputation for competence, fairness, and honesty. He relied on his credit rating to borrow money—after all, a good credit rating is a measure of promises kept—and much of his subsequent success was about relationships: A legion of loyal customers with whom he’d worked for years answered his call to bring their business his way.

Recently the writers at Baltimore Mazazine sat down with Brad to talk about his business and his personal beliefs regarding success.

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