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Chemical Additives Help Clean and Restore The Condition of Your Fuel

Brad’s Fuel Filtering uses chemical additives along with our fuel filtering process in order to help fully clean and restore the condition of your fuel. Not all chemical additives perform the same, which is why we choose to use FPPF Chemical Company, Inc. products as they have proven over the years offer to offer superior products and also keep up with the changes in fuel.


When the filtering process begins we add a biocide to your diesel and heating oil that instantly kills and coagulates both bacteria and fungus in your storage tank. Use of the biocide immediately prior to filtration ensures that the now dehydrated dead carcasses are filtered from the tank and removing the chance to clog up injectors, nozzles, and filters.

Lubricity Plus Fuel Power

When regulatory requirements changed from Low Sulfur to Ultra Low Sulfur Diesel fuel, the lubricating quality that sulfur provided was removed. BFF uses Lubricity Plus Fuel Power for diesel generator tanks in order to replace the lubricating quality of the fuel and to prevent unnecessary wear and tear on generator components. Lubricity Plus Fuel Power also supplements qualities in fuel that are lost from the fuel sitting and being unused for long periods of time, like in generators. Lubricity Plus Fuel Power guarantees your fuel meets the ASTM D-975 test for: API Gravity, Flash Point, Sulfur, BS&W, Ash, Distillation, Cetane Index and Bacteria & Fungus.